Why is the choice of a wand important in the Eighth Ray Magic rituals and why do you recommend using the Isis-Urania crystal wand?

To answer this question fully from a magical perspective, we need to begin by understanding what a wand is and what its purpose is in relation to Eighth Ray ritual magic.

Wands are what you use to direct and focus power and to link into the power or quality of power you are wanting to direct.

Eighth Ray ritual magic is the magic of the Goddess and the magical art of co-creation. It is a revolutionary Aquarian Age system of working with nature, the powers of the cosmos and the magic of light to transform yourself, your life and change the fabric of the universe.

Inherent in Eighth Ray ritual magic is the process of intentionally sending energy out on the spirit breath, which is a ritualised magical act that projects light. The Eighth Ray ritual magician uses the spirit breath to blow the pattern of creation through the worlds to create something new. This is an act of divine co-creation. In Eighth Ray ritual magic the spirit breath is ideally used in conjunction with the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand.

While anyone can choose or create any wand they wish, the act of using a wand for magical purposes has far reaching and important implications and there is very little room for magical error.

There are 4 important factors to consider when selecting a wand:

  1. Energetic integrity
  1. Magical symbolism
  1. ‘Virgin’ materials
  1. Sacred protocols and intention

Why I recommend using the Isis-Urania crystal wand 

There is some similarity and congruence between the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand and the whakapapa rakau, god stick used in the past by certain tohunga, priest, in the indigenous culture of Aotearoa, New Zealand – the land of the ever-shining light. Like the god stick the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is a channel for the powers of the atua, the gods and goddesses and the powers of the cosmos. A significant difference between the god stick and the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is that the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is designed to align with the higher energetic frequencies of the Aquarian Age and is designed and created for universal use and to be used in any cultural milieu or social context.

Energetic integrity fit for Eighth Ray magical outcome. The Isis-Urania Crystal Wand energetically and magically resonates with the frequencies of light worked with in Eighth Ray Magic®, the magic of the Goddess, the magic of co-creation. It has been purpose created for Eighth Ray Magic® to ‘purpose good’ in one’s personal world, in the world and in the greater universe. It help to bring the divine powers of light down through the worlds, the planes of elemental force and works to have those powers take tangible form. It is the quintessential magical tool of the Eighth Ray magician who is the universal sower of the seeds of light.

Powerful magical symbolism. The Isis-Urania Crystal Wand has inherent within the symbolism of its design, and the materials of its construction, all the correspondences, items, elements and qualities necessary for working alchemically and magically in the Aquarian Age. These requirements include receptivity to celestial forces, plants, water, air, breath, vibration and light represented by clear quartz crystal.

The symbolism of the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is the wand’s ‘lineage story’ or the map that magically directs the energy through the wand.

The Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is made of a quartz ball mounted on a pure silver shaft which terminates in a faceted and pointed quartz crystal. The sterling silver shaft features Te Wheke; the octopus, the supreme symbol of the Goddess, flowers and a pair of wings. The clear crystal ball at the top of the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand symbolises the yin aspect of the wand that is receptive. The faceted and pointed part of the Isis-Urania crystal wand symbolises the yang aspect that is projective. The masculine and feminine polarities within the Isis-Urania crystal wand are perfectly balanced and equilibrated, which is essential for Eighth Ray magical work.

The highest quality ‘virgin’ materials. Your Isis-Urania Crystal Wand does not carry any ‘hucha’ or ‘old heavy energy’ as it is comprised of ‘virgin’ components. The Isis-Urania Crystal Wand comes to you as a ‘virgin’ piece ready to work with you and you alone. This is very important for magical reasons as it has to do with accessing and working the virgin powers of the Moon, the astral light, the Goddess as Isis-Urania and Eighth Ray energies.

Each Isis-Urania Crystal Wand has the necessary magical purity as they have been made for a very specific magical purpose and have not been made from ‘recycled’ metal or adapted from some utilitarian item made for another purpose.

The crystal ball and the faceted crystal in the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand are of a very high grade quartz crystal. Clear quartz is called the ‘stone of power’ as it amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms and transfers energy. Clear quartz used in the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand attracts stellar energies and particular frequencies of light used in high magic and works to align human consciousness to celestial forces.

Every crystal is sourced for purity, purpose and the progressive and unique frequency of Eighth Ray magic. The crystal ball and the faceted crystal in the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand are of a very high grade quartz crystal.

Moonstone has a form giving influence and is associated with new beginnings. It works to cleanse negativity while enhancing perception. It energises and evokes the power of the feminine.

Each Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is individually hand-crafted from solid sterling silver, the metal of the Goddess. We do not use silver plate for our wands, silver plated items are actually made of another kind of material like copper, nickel, brass, or pewter that is coated with a very thin layer of silver. It is critical that the wand for Eighth Ray Magic® ritual is made with pure solid silver, the metal associated with the virgin Goddess. Solid silver is also the metal necessary to transmit and direct the high frequency magical Eighth Ray energy, the energy of the Goddess as Isis-Urania.

Made with Eighth Ray intention. The Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is a magical tool that has been intentionally created for Eighth Ray ritual and magic to ‘purpose good’ Each Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is handmade by master craftspeople dedicated to the sacred magical art of wand making. Sacred processes and protocols are adhered to at every stage of the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand creation and each wand is individually blessed and dedicated for use in Eighth Ray ritual magic to ‘purpose good’.

While each of the Isis-Urania Crystal Wands is handmade, they are all very similar and they have the same form and components. This is very important and intentional. The reason being that each person working with the Isis-Urania Crystal Wand while being an individual acts as a unity. They are working magically as a unity and they are working magically to unify. The Isis-Urania Crystal Wand is the magical focus to create this unity or ‘oneness’.


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