What is the Spiritual and Magical Significance of Burning Incense?

Ancient people knew that smoke from burning incense greatly enhanced the powers of ritual and magic. Burning incense opens the gates of consciousness, which expands the awareness and enables a person to more easily experience the inner spiritual worlds.

From the time before recorded history medicine men and women, priestesses and priests and magicians have known that burning incense made from plant material to make a sacred suffumigation greatly enhanced rapport with spiritual and magical powers. The Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used the ritual burning of incense to cleanse atmospheres, reduce anxiety and stress as well as for ceremonies, ritual, spiritual stimulation and contemplation.

Incense in Ancient Egypt

The burning of incense was central to the ceremonies and rituals of Ancient Egypt to create the required sacred and magical atmosphere for calling down the powers of the heavens. Special significance was placed on the compound incense Kyphi (Kapet) which had special medicinal and magical properties and was made using recipes based on lunar and solar cycles. In addition, certain gods and goddesses were associated with specific types of incense and great importance was placed on both the ingredients and the method in which it was prepared. The smoke from burning incense was seen to be an offering to the gods and goddesses.

Universal and magical use of incense

Incense smoke is universally seen to carry gratitude, prayers and requests from humans to the gods and goddesses.

One of the longstanding magical objectives for the ritual burning of incense is to formally acknowledge Spirit and to create a bridge between the worlds. To establish a link with forces and inhabitants from the spiritual worlds and celestial worlds that are spiritually uplifting and magically supportive.

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