Project Description

Altar Layout for Eighth Ray Rituals

Set up your altar prior to working with Eighth Ray magical rituals. Your Eighth Ray ritual altar is always set out with standard compass orientation where possible.

 Download the Eighth Ray altar layout pdf

Place on the altar:


  • If necessary, when you are at Eighth Ray ritual step six which involves working with your ritual chalice and selected alchemical elixirs, to avoid leaning over the candle flame you can pick the ritual chalice up with your hands forming a triangle so you can blow onto the water.
  • Placing your Isis-Urania crystal wand in its particular north-south oriented position on the altar means it is aligned to the geomagnetic field of the Earth in that it is aligned to the Earth’s magnetic poles. Aligning it in this manner increases the amount of ‘fertilising creation power’ held within the wand. This is the ‘seeding in’ power necessary for the magical ‘sowing of the seeds of light’ that are a part of Eighth Ray Magic work. By placing the Isis-Urania crystal wand in this position you are harnessing the power of magnetotropism. This is the movement of energy in response to magnetic fields, energy that has a profound influence on the fertility of seeds and on how they grow.

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