Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

“To become a master you have to see endless possibilities.
To be a master you must select from the endless possibilities.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

I was born with highly developed super sensory abilities and from a young age had an acute awareness of the metaphysical realm and an ability to communicate with the spiritual realms.

Throughout my life I have regularly had very vivid experiences of being in the presence of, and being instructed by the Great Mother, the Goddess. Over the years she has been a constant reality and presence in my life. She has ever been my guide and mentor and she was pivotal in my formal stepping onto the path at a very young age.

From the age of 16 I have formally studied and worked with astrology, esoteric astrology, vibrational medicine, the occult, alchemy, magic and ritual in various forms. As a child I knew that I was a magician. Not the sleight of hand, rabbit out of the hat type, but a real magician, one who could move energy by working with the magical power inherent in the cosmos. As I grew older and my journey progressed, I was further initiated into the magical life and came to fully realise the power of co-creation with divine will, nature and the celestial realm and to know what it is like to consciously work as part of ‘The Plan’.

I know that deep inside everyone there is a powerful soul who has the ability to make magic happen, to effect powerful positive change in their own personal life, in the world and in the greater universe.

In the Aquarian Age, we can reunite with the inner creatrix, the magical self within each and every one of us and intelligently co-create with the power inherent in the universe to work magically to ‘purpose good’.

I was divinely instructed to create Eighth Ray Magic® – a unique complete and revolutionary system of working with nature, the powers of the cosmos and the unconquerable magic of light to transform yourself, your life and change the fabric of the universe. Those who are working with the Eighth Ray Magic® are working magically and metaphysically with the power of the Goddess to co-create a new way of living and being on the planet.

Eighth Ray Magic® is an invitation for those who have heard the call sent out by the Goddess in her universal form of Isis-Urania to magically work to co-create the world anew.

Light in Extension
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber